David McCreadie 3D Measuring and Modelling Ltd is a specialist company providing services to the heritage sector.  We capture, process and provide 3D data and imagery to Conservation Architects, Archaeologists, Government Organisations, Trusts and other Heritage Professionals.

We offer the following services:

•   Measured building surveys

•   Topographic surveys and digital terrain models

•   Monument and artefact surveys

•   3D digital models including BIM

•   Visualisation and digital re-constructions

•   Record photography

•   Orthophotography, gigapixel and panoramic imagery

•   Reflectance Transformation Imaging

•   Virtual tours

•   3D printing

Case Studies

Priory Doocot, Crail

Corstorphine Parish Church

Woolsington Hall

The Priory Doocot in Crail is of the free standing beehive type, probably dating from the 16th century.  As part of the archaeological investigation and restoration of the structure we were commissioned to produce a comprehensive internal... More>

Corstorphine Old Parish Church is a building of national interest and historic importance.  It has existed for over five and a half centuries.

 We are developing a comprehensive metric record of the current building and to allow... More>

Woolsington Hall is a Grade II listed country house near the village of Woolsington close to Newcastle.  It has been on English Heritage’s Heritage at Risk register since 2002.  On the night of the 30th December 2015 the Hall was gutted by fire..  More>

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